Starting 2 years ago, we have been working in tourism in comuna 13, and at first we didn’t fully understand the potential that we had in our hands. We quickly realized that we could build bridges between different cultures and meet people who are ready and able to help. Our tours are one of the best since they are running by locals with a big social sense. 

We have done at least 2000  tours in this area.

We started the foundation in October 2019, and we are now using tourism as a way to generate resources to be able to continue supporting our social projects in comuna 13.​

We are mainly focused on working with children, although we are always open to helping anyone in the community who needs it.

By visiting comuna 13 with us, you are supporting the development of our projects.

We have 3 main pillars that form our social work in this place:

-Improvement of living conditions

The resources that we gather through tourism are divided between all branches of operation of the foundation: administrative functions, employee salaries, and financing of the programs that are currently being executed as well as those that we are planning for the future.

You can learn more about our projects in the section “What We Have Done”

All tours include:

-Artisanal ice cream
-A local guide
-Pick up
-Drop off

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